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Hi, my name is S.Bee, and I live in Calderdale, West Yorkshire.
I'm fifty- something and married with one cat.
I like to try my hand at a variety of projects - short stories, magazine letters, poems, blog posts, plays (for TV and stage) and articles.


My poems are the rhyming, light-hearted kind.

Short Stories

Here are some unpublished stories of mine.

Fiction Addiction

I run an on-line writer's circle that offers support and advice.


Read my writing related articles.

Paws For Thought: 27 Tail Thumping Stories

Back in 2017, my husband and I produced an e-anthology of short stories. All profits from sales are donated to the:

Halifax, Huddersfield & District Branch

Available on Kindle from:
You can now download apps for any mobile device
that will enable you to read Kindle books on your mobile phone or tablet.


Fiction Addiction

I run an on-line writer's circle that offers support, encouragement, help and advice.
Writing can be a lonely occupation, and not everyone can attend a local creative writing group or course.
We are mainly interested in writing fiction for the womag market (women's magazines).
All of us have been published professionally.

You must have had at least 1 short story published in a womag to join Fiction Addiction.

We share our stories with other members and we send feedback on work, via e-mail.
We are a warm, welcoming circle, with different backgrounds and ages.
With Fiction Addiction, you can make friends, chat and swap hints and tips on writing.
It's completely FREE of charge. Why not join us today?
For more information on Fiction Addiction, please go to the FAQ page.
You must adhere to our Guidelines before joining.

My email is:


My poems are the rhyming, light-hearted kind.
Please get in touch if you would like a poem penning for anything or anyone!

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