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FAQ for Fiction Addiction

How does Fiction Addiction work?

All via e-mail.
I pass the members your name and e-mail address and you would also correspond with them, as well as offering support, tips, encouragement and advice. 
We all send our e-mails out as a ‘round robin’ – not corresponding separately. 
This seems to work and it cuts down on time as well.

Please don't send attachments, as we often experience trouble opening these. Simply copy and paste your story into the body of the email.

But if members choose to send work/ correspond separately, they can. Not everyone needs or wants a lot of critiques of their work.

What does it cost?

It’s completely FREE of charge. All it costs is your time and effort.

Are there any guidelines?

Yes. You MUST adhere to these before you are accepted as member of Fiction Addiction. Please see the Guidelines page.

What are the benefits of joining?

You have access to a group of writers who are passionate about womag writing to provide feedback on your work. 
Several members have been published professionally already.
Please remember that we are all at different levels – some of us are beginners, some are more advanced.
You can make friends and chat in a warm, welcoming supportive environment.

What are the drawbacks?

You need time to commit to the project. Although there’s no pressure to keep up a correspondence, or to send stories or feedback, we expect members to contribute.

What if a story clashes with another being sent out at the same time?

Don’t worry. Everyone works at a different pace and we will all catch up eventually.

Do you accept any kind of work?

No. We are unable to accept children’s fiction, full length novels and plays, magazine serials,competition entries, any non-fiction, poetry, science fiction and erotica. Plus, any synopsis of the above and synopsis of pocket novels and magazine serials.

Does Fiction Addiction look at magazine serials and pocket novels?

Sorry, no. Because it's unfair to expect members to read and critique much longer work, when the majority of us are sending round single stories that normally don't exceed 2,000 words.

Would it be okay to send my novel/ kid's fiction/ magazine serial etc to other members in the group separately, in order for me to gain feedback?

Yes, this is fine. I've no objections to anyone setting up their own tailored group eg: one that specifically looks at pocket novels/ magazine serials etc.

Does Fiction Addiction look at competition entries?

Although we used to, from May 2017 it was decided to keep the group tightly focused on the womag market only. However, members can read and offer feedback on these separately, away from the main group.

Is Fiction Addiction on Twitter and Facebook?

No. This was discussed amongst group members and we decided against it.

Can I drop out and re-join later on?

Yes, but please let us all know you are doing this.

Can I upload my story on this website?

No, sorry. Work is sent via e-mail to members only.


My email is: sbee.poetry@gmail.com

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I can offer three separate one hour workshops/talks about writing.
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My poems are the rhyming, light- hearted kind.
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Here you will find some unpublished stories of mine for you to read.
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