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Guidelines for Fiction Addiction

Giving feedback:

Please be kind. Some writers lack confidence in their skills, so try to be diplomatic and tactful. On the other hand, we do value honesty. 
Think how the writer can learn from you and give practical ways of how the story can be improved. 
It would be useful for the reader to know what genre the story is – romance, twist in tale, etc plus a word count is helpful too.

You can give as much feedback as you want. Of course, there’s no guarantee of success – but you never know! Bear in mind the writer’s target market.
We send every member our feedback on all work, as we don’t want to leave anyone out.
If a piece of work clashes with another being sent out, don’t worry. We will all catch up eventually!

Maintaining Confidentiality: THIS IS IMPORTANT! Our names and e-mails addresses will be kept confidential within Fiction Addiction, and we agree not to pass them on or sell to any other outside party, as we don’t want to be bombarded with offers of writing courses, etc.


Completely FREE of charge. All it costs is your time and effort.


If you haven’t got time to give feedback, because of work, family, holidays, etc please drop us all a quick line explaining this. 
We all have other commitments and we should all understand. If, any time you are unable to contribute, please let us all know.


If you send your story to several people in FA, you have more than one witness to say that the story is yours. You can easily prove copyright by the date stamp on your e-mail and PC. 
If this worries you, don’t send work – just correspond!

What we don’t accept:

My email is: sbee.poetry@gmail.com

I also run an on-line writer's circle that offers support, encouragement, help and advice.
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I can offer three separate one hour workshops/talks about writing.
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My poems are the rhyming, light- hearted kind.
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Here you will find some unpublished stories of mine for you to read.
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