The Website of S.Bee (Writer)

Hi, my name is S.Bee, and I live in Calderdale, West Yorkshire.
I'm forty- something and married with one cat.
I've been writing fiction on and off since I was eleven. It's my main passion in life.

You will find a selection of my stories and poems here on this site. Stories are no longer than 2,000 words and my poems are the light-hearted, rhyming kind.

I focus on short stories, letters and opinion pieces for the UK magazine market, plus rhyming poetry and the odd play. Over the years, I've had quite lot of 'filler' material published in magazines.

I also run an on-line writer's circle that offers support, encouragement, help and advice.
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I can offer three separate one hour workshops/talks about writing.
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My poems are the rhyming, light- hearted kind.
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Here you will find some unpublished stories of mine for you to read.
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